Shade Engineering can upgrade your outdoor area by adding heat and light to your tensile membrane structure.


Shade Engineering is the WA agent for Celmec International and their HEATRAY range of electric radiant and infra-red heaters.

An unbeatable combination of good looks and efficiency provide extended functionality to alfresco and hospitality areas. Paired with Architectural Umbrellas or larger Modular Structures, the innovative Heatray system provides calming shade and UV protection during the scorching days of summer, and provides evenly distributed, soft radiant heat to warm your patrons during the cooler months of the year, without wasting money heating empty spaces or the surrounding air.

The Heatray System provides a comfortable and highly efficient radiant energy level, similar to the gentle sunrays of a clear winter’s day. Warmth from the heat rays is also absorbed into adjacent solid objects, such as table-tops and chairs, which become comfortable to touch, with the added benefit of helping to keep food warm on the table.

Economical to run, the system offers aesthetic appeal and comfort, together with longevity and low maintenance.The Celight Lighting System is fully integrated with the Heatray Umbrella System, illuminating the fabric of the umbrella with indirect ‘warm colour’ diffusion, or ‘soft lighting’ to accentuate the attractive appearance of the umbrella, and provide pleasant general lighting.

The HeatRay System and Celights may be ordered with any Architectural Umbrella or Modular Structure or they can be retro-fitted to many existing structures. The individual components can also be ceiling or wall mounted.