Providing Heavy Duty Shade Solutions in the Harshest Environments.

Case Study




Design Brief

Provide a 12m x 12m moveable canopy structure to cover the Truck Tray Repair Pad.

The intent was to provide sun and rain protection to workers carrying out repairs to Truck Trays

The structure had to allow access for a crane to remove the damaged tray from a truck for repair.

As a crane was already in place to remove the tray, the same crane could also be used to relocate the canopy from one side of the 12m x 24m repair pad area to the other, and then place over the tray while it was being worked on.

Shade Engineering’s “outside the box” approach to meeting these criteria, was to use the existing design of the PS120 model Pavilion structure and modify it so it could sit on 2 alternate sets of stub columns.

The wind rating of the PS120 structure was also upgraded to suit the high wind loads of the site in the NT.


How we work

Shade Engineering specializes in the creation of custom designed tensile membrane structures, both for small or large architectural projects. We offer both a shade only option, or a fully waterproof design, depending on our client’s requirements. Our structures are designed to be the perfect blend of form and function, and to last for many years with low maintenance requirements for on site maintenance staff.

We are pleased to offer a range of designs to suit a wide variety of applications in some of the state’s harshest locations.